Saturday, 31 August 2013

A new, old, quilt...

While in Nova Scotia I was gifted by my husband's family something that I think is pretty cool.
As it turns out my husband's paternal grandmother loved to quilt, and she was notorious for gifting these quilts to her daughter in laws for holidays and occasions.
My mother in law was never particularly fond of these items and kept them stored in cupboards.  Over the years she has given them away to charity or to use camping etc.  
One has remained though, and is now in my possession!

Although it is not something I would make, I have to admire and appreciate the talent and work that went into the making of this quilt.  All stitching, even the sewing of the blocks together, binding, applique, embroidery and quilting are done by hand!!!
It has been washed now as it was stored in a garbage bag for the past several years, and sitting on my bureau right now as I am not sure where to put a quilt made by hand more than 40 years ago!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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