Thursday, 1 August 2013

Road Trip

On Tuesday my son and I made a little road trip to Vegreville.  Now, my son is a very sweet little boy, who told me that he wanted me to go to Vegreville for the BIG quilt sale at The Quilt Rack (everything is 50% off), but I am pretty sure the real reason is because a certain big box store in Vegreville has the best supply of Skylanders in the greater Edmonton area.  It's like no one buys them in this town!
So first we went to The Quilt Rack, and here is what I brought home:
 One medium green is missing from this picture, but here is my version of fabrics for the Cracked Pots Mystery Quilt.  Left is border fabric, two darks, three greens (one is missing), light green, cream and of course since it is MY quilt there is musical fabric in it, and far right is the blender fabric!
 Minkee from "the basement" because it was 50% off, top fabric will be for the Cracked Pot Mystery Quilt backing, and bottom fabric is for my "Happy" version of the Plenty of Fish Facebook Mystery Quilt.
The red I just bought because it was pretty!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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