Saturday, 3 August 2013

Road Trip Adventures!

Today my son and I set off from home with the intent of strawberry picking in Central Alberta.
Our first stop of course was at Prairie Points Quilt Shop in Ponoka.
Here is all of my "finds" from there:
I LOVE this store!
From Ponoka we headed to Billyco Junction to pick strawberries.  We had a blast.  The strawberries were perfect and in less than an hour we had a full bucket.
Then we headed to the Ellis Bird Farm that Lynn from Prairie Points Quilt Shop had told us about.
This was a wonderful place to spend the remainder of the afternoon.
My son got to see:
 and play with:

and as we drove away:
It was a great afternoon!
Hope this inspires your own creativity, and sense of adventure...


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  1. I WILL get to that shop one day!!! After my Montana trip, I need nothing though!!!! LOL!!!