Thursday, 8 August 2013

Strawberry Adventure # 3

The last thing that I did to finish using up all of the strawberries from the weekend, was to make Strawberry Marmalade.   I LOVE the taste of this marmalade, and love making and gifting it because no one really knows what to expect the first time they taste it, but after that, you are addicted to it!
I have not included a recipe for it, because it is a kind of you have to see how to make it and what it should look like, to know how to make it sort of things.... really.
Here are the jars straight out of the canner!  Apparently I forgot to wipe the tops before I took the picture!
I can hardly wait to try some!
Hope this inspires your own creativity....


p.s. the jars on the right just have the light shining through the window straight on them, all jars are really the same color ; )

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