Saturday, 26 October 2013

It's Laundry Day Tomorrow!!!!

That's right!  It's Laundry Day tomorrow.  A whole weeks worth of towels, bedding, clothes, school and nursing uniforms and some of my husband's work clothes!  
Now, before you think that I have completely lost my mind or senses, or gone off of or started some new medication, let me explain.
Recently I was on-line ordering one of my favorite yarns when I found out that in the metropolis of Stony Plain, there is a yarn shop called Pam's Woolly Shop (it even has little sheepy {not a typo - a real word in the Kathy dictionary} painted on the front of the store)!
Today my son and I took a drive over there after art class.  We walked in to find the store packed with beautiful yarns (and not old out of date ones), and a SALE on yarn on top of that.
We a few dollars later we emerged with a giant bag of yarn (who saw that coming?), and these:
I am so excited about these.  If you know me, you know that I am allergic to almost everything and that include fabric cling sheets for your dryer.  I have tried various not scented options over the past, and some I just don't like because of their chemical nature, but these are WOOL!  Could I go wrong?
I will find out tomorrow when I do laundry, but oh.... the wait, although you will likely notice I am not in a rush to start laundry : )


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