Monday, 28 October 2013

Let there be bread!

I LOVE bread.  It is seriously one of my favorite foods, it is always a comfort food, and I cannot think of a single bread that I do not like.
Home made bread is especially the best, the taste and the smell.... delicious.
Today after picking my son up from school and running errands all day, I decided my son needed fresh bread for his lunch tomorrow, partly because I'm a nice mom, also because we used up the last loaf of home made bread from the freezer last week : (
Now, I suppose I could go buy bread, but this is where the Saskatchewan Ukrainian cheap comes in.  Have you seen the price of bread?  Are you sure what's in that loaf of bread?  How long will it last on the cupboard, and lastly where is the taste????  At the price a farmer gets for a bushel of wheat bread should not cost the price it does!  So, I make my own!
Here is the dough rising with my son's finger poked in to see how long it would take to rise out:
 Looks like a belly button!  : )
After a punch down it was into the pans, apparently when you make this amount of dough you should likely get more loaf pans ready...
Not sure where all my loaf pans are (camper trailer maybe)....
Out of the oven and brushed with better.
And couldn't wait much longer, had to have a slice!
LOVE it!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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