Tuesday, 22 October 2013

While I Wait...

As you likely already know; while I wait for my son at piano, and violin lessons, swimming, and skiing lessons, and art class, I KNIT!  
I learned to knit when I was eight years old from my grandmother's sister-in-law (there is a long story behind this), and I think it may possibly be one of the best skills I have learned in my life, besides how to put an IV into most anything : )
Earlier in the summer I came across this wonderful skein of yarn called Snapdragon from Sweetgeorgia Yarns.  I HAD to have it in my stash.  
Well, this last weekend, I started to delve into the stash of yarn from this summer and this is how far I have come this week while waiting at piano and art:
With any luck by the time my son finishes swimming, violin and another art class this week I should be able to start the second sock, however, there is another ball of yarn calling me....might have two socks on the go at once!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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