Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bread Day

Hello Internet Friends!!
Today is Sunday, and the day before my son and myself return to school and work for a very LOOOOONG rest of the winter.  Seriously, it is - 24C and with the windchill -30, (-11 F but feels like -22F).  The F-350 Super Duty of course got plugged in last night, and is currently outside running like a diesel on a cold morning.  My Toyota of course was NOT plugged in and it remote started just fine this morning (seriously, I LOVE that car).
So, since it is Sunday I baked bread for sandwiches this week.
Since everyone loves my homemade multi-grain bread so much, over the holidays I baked several loaves of it.  I had found prior to Christmas at Superstore these really cute baking pans and so was able to gift away bread that looked like:
THIS!!!  I have picked up some more of these pans (they were in the after Christmas mark down) for next years gift giving!
Now off to finish some quilting, maybe some knitting, laundry, grocery shopping, and baking for lunches for the week!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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