Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

Hello Internet Friends.
I must confess I have not been feeling well this week and my son was quite ill this week as well.  I have not accomplished much in the way of crafting at all this week, in fact tonight was the first time I had picked up my knitting since Sunday, and my quilting has not been worked on since Saturday when I snapped this picture:
This is what I have so far manage to accomplish of my NYD 2014 Path to my Cabin Mystery Quilt!
Remember, I started this on New Year's Day ; )
I have decided again this week to participate in The Needle and Thread Network's Work in Progress Wednesday partly just to motivate me to get moving.  Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Oh Kathy, I sure hope you are your son are better today! I was sick Tuesday and started to feel better yesterday afternoon. I love these blocks!!!!!!!!! I must get busy with sewing and my blog!!!

  2. Hi! first visit to your blog! I sure can understand that it is hard to do things when you and family are not feeling well! Hope you are 'on top' soon. Your Path to my Cabin is looking like it has a great start!