Saturday, 4 January 2014

Day Three

But it's the fourth today, you will not doubt tell me.  Well, yes, it is, but this is my third step in the NYD 2014 Path to My Cabin Mystery Quilt.
Why is this taking me so long?  Well a few reasons, still very sore from immunizations in both arms yesterday, and also a battle of the wits with myself.  I am really trying to use up fabric I already own, rather than buying new and additional fabric.  So, when I got to this part of the project, I had run out of white (predominantly) fat quarters.  Really just wanted to go buy another fat quarter.  Didn't though.  Raided the left overs and manged to get another two squares, still needed six more.  Finally decided to "bite the bullet" and open up the fabric hoarding cupboard and take out the 4 meters (4.4 yards) of white print fabric I had in there and make the last six squares!!!  The fabric has been waiting for a project for almost 2 years as I bought it at the Longest Day of the Year Quilt Sale at Lori's Country Cottage in June 2012 at 2300 hours so I could get my purchases for 50% off!!
Here is what I have so far:
Now to try and finish them this weekend maybe, however, arms very sore right now and Tylenol only lasts for four hours of which two is needed for sleeping.
Off to nap again!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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