Saturday, 8 March 2014

Block of the Month!!!

Way back last summer on one of my trips to Prairie Points Quilt Shop I stumbled across a block of the month that was being made for a shop sample.
I LOVED it.  The colors were not my default colors, but the pattern was so neat that I just decided I HAD to participate. 
This Block of the Month started in January, but I did not pick up the blocks until February, so here is Block 1 of 9!
Well, actually a part of Block 1.  I am currently working on the rest of the larger block that this belongs in, but there are lots of little pieces that one could go very wrong with and it's late, and my blood sugar is low, so I quit on it for tonight.  Will try again tomorrow.
I think it's PRETTY.
The Block is called Prairie Rose Block of the Month and the link will take you to a link where the entire quilt can be seen and appreciated.
Now, off to bed and remember to turn my clock ahead.  I HATE Daylight Savings Time.  Should have stayed in Saskatchewan...
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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