Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy Spring!!!

Happy First Day of Spring Everyone.  It sure did feel great to have spring arrive today! Oh, wait, what is this?????
 It's the Yellowhead west of Edmonton this morning!  I was en route to Drayton Valley for my twice a month work adventure out there and the highway looked like this the whole way!!!
Here is what my Go Go Go Toyota looked like when I got home:
It's been said that I fly low when I drive, now I know why!  The Toyota has feathers, therefore wings!!!
Then of course there was the question as to what was for dinner when I got home.
The answer; Pizza!!
I used the above link recipe for the crust.  My son's favorite pizza is cheese, but I threw in peppers (yellow and green), mushrooms, and pineapple just so our intake of fruit and veggies was present!
And, lastly to my ramblings, further proof that my son's cat really is trying to "get" me:
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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