Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday

Good Evening Internet Friends.  I am participating again this week in Work In Progress Wednesday over at The Needle and Thread Network.
This weekend we road tripped down to Whitefish, Montana.  I love the area, it's just so pretty, and there are several awesome quilt shops within "sneezing" distance.  Yes, of course I stopped in ; )
On the way down though, I knitted,and here is what I completed in a few hours:
The rest of the trip was spent playing car games with my son and enjoying the scenery:
Somewhere in the Middle of Montana?  Yes it was snowing/raining at the time of this picture : )
Here are the locals who were also staying at the same resort:
My son enjoyed taking pictures of these locals everyday, they would come right up to the cabin to check in on us I think.
Lastly, the road used to access the cabin we were staying in!!  This is actually the good portion!  The rest of the road was too bumpy to get a good picture, and we were not sure that if we stopped the car we would be able to get going again, as the tracks ahead were soft, squishy MUD!!!!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


p.s.  Will post some of my finds over the next few days as I unpack : )


  1. Your scarf matches the weather--grey and white! Won't it be wonderful to actually have some spring weather.

  2. Thanks for taking us on your road trip, nice pictures.