Saturday, 17 May 2014

Best Day Ever Saturday!!

Good Evening Internet Friends!
Today has been another great day!  I got up early, the sun was shining, had breakfast, loaded the dishwasher and the washing machine, and then my son and I headed off to meet my friend Karen at Wallish Greenhouse.
Now, if you read my blog you will know that I went there last year and still ended up going to my favorite greenhouse because I was disappointed with the place.
My friend Karen informed me today though that Wallish Greenhouse actually grows their own plants in their own greenhouses, not shipped in like other places.
So, I went again today.  Now that I understand that the selection is based on what they can grow, not mass import I am a little more open to the place, although the check out staff are still as grouchy as last year : (
Of course I got a bunch of things, including yellow tomatoes that I am going to try growing in organic top soil in a large ceramic pot, strawberries for my planters, and lots of flowers for the flower pots, and flower beds.
Since, it was relatively nice this evening, and my asthma seems to be under control I cleaned out the flower beds and pots this evening, and even let my son put a couple of plants into the soil!
It was too dark for pictures, so I will post those tomorrow.
In addition to all the outdoor stuff I did manage to complete another Road Trip Block:
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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