Saturday, 31 May 2014

Part Five of Quilt

Not feeling that great today, plus had to take my son into the local Urgent Care as his fever came back.  Now he is on antibiotics and hopefully after ten days of off and on fevers and coughing he will get better.  My son of course wanted to know if he gets to stay home Monday since he had to go to the doctor.  I reminded him that he can only stay home when he is Stollery sick and since he went to Urgent Care not Stollery he can go to school on Monday.
I guess it's true the joke about nurses children having to be a lot sicker than the rest of the population to get to stay home.  Our deal is since I worked at Stollery for several years that unless you are sick enough to need to go there or the pediatrician you can go to school!
Now we are home, and he is resting with Advil and Antibiotic and I did a little bit of sewing.
Here are steps 1 - 5 of my Mi-Vida Loca Facebook Mystery Quilt:
I am supposed to be working on Step 7, but so far this is all I have done.
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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