Thursday, 29 May 2014

Road Tripping...

Good Evening Internet Friends!
Today was Thursday which of course meant it was my day to travel to Drayton Valley!  I will miss these trips when the grant for the project I am working on ends there in August.  It is a really quaint little place to visit and in the quilting circles is quite well known I have found out.  Of course I should have figured that out since there are three quilting stores in town!!!
It rained the entire way there and back, and not just a drizzle but a "Noah" kind of rain.  It made the scenery ever so pretty though as there were just so many wonderful shades of green it almost made me forget about winter (shhhhh).  
Upon getting home I had to hurry though, because I am taking a class at Sew Divine on making The Professional Tote.  Very glad I am taking the class as I probably would have just given up had I been doing this on my own.  Quite proud of myself as well, because I have learned how to put in zippers, line pockets, and even put in magnet closures!!!  I picked fabric that would work well for summer vacation trips for my first one of these.  Now that I know how to make these I will be making more.
Here is what I have so far:
Front and back sections done.  Not going any farther right now as I have decided I want beads (a specific kind) for the pull tabs on the side compartments, so I have to find a bead store before I can go any further!!!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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