Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bonus Day!

Today I am calling my "Bonus Day" because all the things that I would normally "have" to do on a Sunday can be done tomorrow!  
It is the Victoria Day Weekend, but after several years of going camping in Alberta on this weekend and getting snowed on, we have opted to stay home, and get things done!
First thing I did this morning was take my little girl a.k.a. Go Go Go Toyota for a bath:
Doesn't she look so pretty, clean and RED??  I couldn't help but think about the stories she could tell of her   adventures in her six and a bit years in existence.  She left Japan, to land in Seattle and be transported to Houston, TX, where on January 02, 2008 my husband and his friend flew out of Calgary to get her.  Now she gets to live in northern Alberta in the cold, having block heather plugged in about once a winter, driving in temperatures below -40 C, and plowing snow in the mountains with her Latitude X-Ice  tires and snow chains (on occasion) to get a little boy to skiing lessons on time (that roof rack ain't just for looks).  She averages about 21,000 miles a year (34,000 kms) and at just over 126,000 miles she has never let me down : )  She deserved her bath today!
On my fabulous shopping trip on Friday I picked up a few "wonderful" things.  One of which was:
I just loved the color and although it's not red, I just loved it, so now I have a bright orchid (?) handbag (I love that word).
After lunch at Duchess Bakery with my friend on Friday we of course had to go over to Provisions and take a look around.  I found a most FABULOUS cookbook entitled Butter!  The pictures inside are gorgeous and the recipes are all of those wonderful nostalgic, vintage treats that just make you want to go home and bake.
Needless to say I did some of that today.  Here is the first thing (well, first completed) that I have made from this book:

These cookies are called the Homemade You Know What and if you scroll to the end of the link I just provided you will find the recipe for them!  They are delicious, and don't worry if you are in my son's class he has secured a stash of these for you all on Tuesday ; )
The rain outside seems to have settled so I will go finish planting the flower beds!
Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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