Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Feature Card

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was a great day of NOTHING!  I actually had today off from work ☺

After taking my son to school I ran some errands for a few groceries, stopped at Cobbs for a Cinnamon Scone and a loaf of Marble Rye for road trip sandwiches tomorrow!

Then I decided I would stop by a quilt store.  Spent close to two hours in there, but came away with a few awesome purchases.  Afterwards I decided I had better wash the car since I have not done that all summer while driving it.  Was supposed to get my Highlander back this weekend (my husband's friend does all the service work on our vehicles, unfortunately, we are on his schedule and that is a looooooooooong one), so it looks the Focus and I will be cruising around a while longer.  It has been great for the summer costing half of what it usually costs me to fill and being able to drive for eight days between fill ups rather than six, or seven at best.  

Stopped at a few of the "Big Box" stores (craft and home) on the way home.  Picked up a few things I decided I "needed".

Picked up my son from school, and stopped by Cookie Love for two bags of cookies.

This evening I have talked with both my husband and brother who are both out on different parts of Highway 43 giving reports of the snow and freezing rain out there.  So, I guess HE!! will be frozen over soon : (....

Since winter is apparently coming, I decided to dig out some of my winter stamp sets to make some more Christmas cards with this evening.  Here is what I made:

I stamped the snowflake on first with silver ink, then over top with the coordinating color from the card base.

My silver ribbon has not yet arrived, so I used some from my stash (shhhhhhh, it's not approved product), cause I thought it looked good!

I took a picture of the flower bed beside the doorstep this afternoon:

I have not had the heart to take them out yet, because they were not totally dead, and still had some color.  I thought today that they looked regal standing there considering it is the 7th of November in north central Alberta.  Chances are tomorrow they will go into a bag and be put to the curb....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...  


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