Friday, 28 November 2014

Snow Day!

Good cold evening Internet Friends!

Yesterday the what seems to be annual Snowmageddon rolled through Alberta.  It started snowing sometime during the night and just kept coming!

The drive home was slow and there were cars stuck at almost every intersection.  My front yard cedar looked like:
Yes, that is snow coming down in the picture.  The snow continued over night and this morning there were 6" drifts on my car!  Seriously!

Since travel was not being recommended I decided that I would take a snow day with my son.

After lunch when it was likely it's warmest today we set off the 1 block walk to Highlands Park with sled since there is a hill there.  Well, after a very long walk (the snow was to my knees), and although I am only about 5' 2" in shoes, this is still really deep ☺ only to find the snow too powdery!  The sled simply sank in the snow!
We sat in the snow pile for a few minutes contemplating this and then decided to trudge home via another street for hot chocolate ☺

This evening after my son went to bed I finished the 32 star blocks for my Raise the Roof quilt:
Now off to bed, to see what I can get into tomorrow!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Oh Kathy....the snow found us yesterday....not sure we have as much as you but it sure is white out there!! The blocks look's going to be a beautiful quilt!