Thursday, 20 November 2014

Potluck Dilemma

Good Late Evening Internet Friends.

As most of you will know (or not if you are like me) today is Universal Children's Day.  My son's school has chose to celebrate this occasion by hosting a potluck after school honoring all of the student's varied cultures.

When my son asked me what his culture was I told him he is Canadian.  He again wanted to know though where his ancestors came from, and this was quite a tricky question for me.  Sure, I have a grandparent on either side who is a first generation Canadian, but the others are 4 -5 generation Canadians.  As for my husband's family I think they probably were sent ahead to welcome everyone coming, so at least 6 -7 generations there.

My son wanted to take pyrohy but I did not have time to make the dough and boil and mash potatoes and add filling.  There are a few desserts that are very uniquely Canadian, but I chose to make a Maple Cake (I did not add the walnuts, and the butter I substituted to canola oil):
Then I did my very best version of late night cake decorating!  Butter-cream icing with Maple Leaf sprinkles left over from Canada Day!  I tried my best to make the cake look like the flag, you can likely discern that I do not draw well, and my son was already in bed!

Everyone seems to have enjoyed it, there was none left in the pan. 

The whole day of course reminded me how much I love my country and after having this song stuck in my head all day, I will attach it here for you, so it can stick in your brain for a while too!  ☺

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Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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