Friday, 3 April 2015

Good Friday

Good Evening Internet Friends.

I hope that everyone had a Good Friday.  Today of course was a stay at home day since it is a holiday.  

Yesterday my son and I went to Crock a Doodle and while en route there we went through a blowing snow across the highway kind of storm and then had hail on the way home!  I went to yoga yesterday evening and when I was leaving this was the parking lot:
More SNOW!!!!

My craft for today is actually a card that I made for my student RN.  Last Friday was her last day with me as she moves on to her final practicum.  It was a pleasure to have her and so along with a scarf I knit for her as well I made a quick card from one of the Paper Pumpkin kits that I have sitting in my craft room:

Part of my plan over Spring Break was to get caught up on some of these kits.  However, I found out yesterday that I am all out of glue runner!!!!

  Not sure how that happened, but since I recently had to place my end of quarter Stampin' Up order which included lots of glue runner to keep my hobby demo status current, I will have to wait on completing these projects because I refuse to buy glue!

After lunch my son and I went to the local park to play.  We did not stay as long as planned as it was  still cold out there.

When we got back home we baked a batch of Cheddar biscuits to go along with dinner which of course is fish on Friday:

I poached the salmon and then topped it with my all new favorite product; Pineapple & Habanero Sauce.

I seriously LOVE this stuff and have been putting it on, and in everything this week.

Since it is Good Friday I will close this post with my all time favorite version of  the Old Rugged Cross.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



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