Saturday, 14 May 2016

A "Green" Kind of Day

Good Evening Internet Friends!

No I did not forget about my blog, just been extra busy!

Today was filled with all kinds of gardening type activities.

After breakfast my son and I headed over to the Home Depot Kid's Workshop where he got to build a bird house.  After braiding some left over yarn we placed it in one of the front yard trees and filled it with seeds:

Then we ran a few errands that were close by just so that tomorrow we can stay home.  For the past month I have been working on one day of the week not driving the automobile.  If we need something can walk, but no driving unless an emergency and so far that has not come up!

After lunch we planted the tomato plants that my friend Julie gave me last weekend.  They were getting a little too big for their little container and I was afraid that they might fall over before I could get them out to the garden.  So, I planted them:

Then my son and I spent 3.5 hours cleaning the front yard.  We used the blower (lithium re-chargeable battery powered) to get all the dead leaves off of the rocks, planted the rest of the flowers in the pots, pruned all of the shrubs, tossed grass seed on all the areas that look a little thin (it really is very dry out there), and raked the entire lawn.  The front yard looked prettier that it has in years:

One of the items that I purchased just because today was this cute little chive kit that is now sitting beside my sink (east facing):

It's just so cute I had to get it.  I think I will go back and get the basil one too!  When I read the instructions the seeds are from Denmark, it was packaged in Canada, and then sent to the USA for labeling.

Lastly, I made Pumpkin Peanut Butter dog biscuits.  My friend Sharon at 4 Paws Quilting was running low on doggie cookies as was I so I whipped up a batch of these beauties from my frozen pumpkin stash in the freezer.  Tomorrow I will have to make some muffins with the rest:

Now off to watch a movie with my son and maybe knit while I do that!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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