Thursday, 26 May 2016

Best Kind of Day

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was my day off before starting evening and night shifts this weekend.  I had big plans for the day, but instead ended up having not a very productive day by any means but a really good day.

After getting kiddo on the bus for school I took the puppy (yes I still call him that he is only 9 months old) for a walk in the River Valley:

Then I headed out to Greenland Garden Center where I picked up a few fun things, one of which was a lavender plant for my front yard.  I have one out at the farm but never seem to catch it at the right time to be able to cut and dry it for my soap:

It already smells beautiful!

Met hubby for lunch at The Pint for deep fried pickles and Halibut and chips!

This evening kiddo had a school presentation that we attended.  It was so really well done by all the students and it was amazing to see how many of them actually used critical thinking and did not just go with main stream media concepts, but actually thought about what these ideas meant.

Since it was late by the time we left the school we stopped at Tony`s Pizza Palace.  This is one of the pizza places that for sure makes Edmonton the 8th Best Place in the World to get pizza (the only Canadian city on the list of 14).  

Watered the plants and the new sod I put down today next to the flower beds when we got home and then I assembled another row of my Raise the Roof quilt:

Now to do a bit of knitting before bed as tomorrow will be a long and busy day!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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