Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Yesterday was my day at home alone with no interruptions! I had BIG plans for the day.  Hmmm, nothing was accomplished.

First off I woke up at the ridiculous hour of 0630.  Seriously.  Could not go back to sleep.  Eventually I got up and had some cereal with milk from a box (yup) and watched the news channel.  Realizing it was now 1030 I decided to head out into the world.

I had plans to go to the mall and do some shopping for just me.  Arriving at the mall it was packed, not just Saturday packed but a lot of out of town vehicles...go figure.  The mall was crowded, the stuff I wanted picked over and the general mood of the mall was tense.

I left and came home for some lunch.  Watched some more of the news channel before deciding I would head out to the Sherwood Park Mall.  That mall was also busier than usual and no one seemed in particularly good moods there either.  On the way home two pick ups collided in front of me, both were at fault as they both tried to merge into the center lane at the same time.  Lots of yelling swearing and even a few fists raised.  I decided to stay at home after that!

I planted my flower beds around the house as the plants had been waiting for a week:

Once that was done I starred in my refrigerator as to what to have for was no cooperative but my dear friend and neighbor invited me over for pizza at their place!  YAY.

I visited with them for the evening....they were such lovely hosts, I think they knew I was lonely at home all by myself.

Eventually I decided to go home and see what I could accomplish late at night.

Shortly after arriving home I got a call from one of the camp leaders that my son was complaining of  a headache and vomiting.  So at 2300 hours I packed up the GO GO GO Toyota with PoweradeGinger Ale and headed out on a rescue mission.

Took over an hour to get there as lots of wildlife on the back roads.  Packed up kid who drank his Ginger Ale and fell asleep in 10 minutes!!!!  He slept the entire way home and I had to carry him in to the house he was so tired.  It was almost 0200 by the time I went to bed.  At 0730 he woke me up ready to get the day started.

After a pancake breakfast I made a couple of Mother's Day cards for two friends I would be seeing today:

After lunch we headed out to my friend's ranch.  My son got to see the calves, pet the steers, pet the dog, shovel grain for the cattle, get hay for the horses, pet the horses, ride the horse and ride along in the backhoe loader to get hay, play with the dog and the cat!

My son's friend is almost exactly 9 years younger than my son but they have the exact same Costco jackets from last spring:

They both adore each other so this was so cool to see!

Then it was time to head home for Trunk Chicken - a story I will share later as I do not have pictures of it, but it was delicious!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope this inspires your own creativity...


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