Sunday, 20 November 2016

Road Trip........

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This weekend my friend Sharon of 4 Paws Quilting, kiddo and myself embarked on a road trip to North Battleford for a Quilt Show of sorts there.

The road trip was eventful and for further details on that check out the 4 Paws Quilting site.  Thankfully we all arrived in one piece. ☺

Today was a jammie day.  We slept late.  Made poppy seed waffles with strawberry sauce for breakfast:

Read, watched some tele, and took a nap mid morning.

After my nap I finished one of the socks from my August 2016 Sock Crush subscription.  These socks have been taunting me since then.  I think I have finally got this sorted out though.  It took an email to find out there was a pattern revision that I was unaware of.  I love my Yarn Crush and Sock Crush subscriptions because they challenge me to do things that in 35+ years of knitting I have not done.  The other reason I love these subscriptions is that the lady who runs these has the BEST customer service.  When you email her you get a quick response, and she will take the time to explain a pattern to you if you do not understand ☺.

Here is sock one finished:

Sock two has been cast on and I am ready to do a few rows on it before going to sleep,

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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