Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Row By Row Along....

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Fought against chest congestion all weekend only to be crippled by it yesterday.  Attempted to go to work but only made it to 1045 and had to go home and then to the doctor.  Asthma flared up on top of the congestion.

Back on steroids and feeling slightly better today.  Still get tired very quickly though.  Will plan to go back to work tomorrow but have already informed work I will be slow moving tomorrow.

Did some knitting today and did put on the last row of my first block in my Row By Row from Sowen Quilt Shop:

I LOVE this block.  This years theme of course was "HOME" and to me nothing says "HOME" like my home province of Saskatchewan.  I love this block because not only does it have the colors of the prairie and the occasional gentle rolling hills, but it is also in the shape of the province!!!  It's BEAUTIFUL!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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