Monday, 7 November 2016


Good Evening Internet Friends!

I am back.....well for a bit.

I did return to work on Wednesday last week but it was a very long and tiring day as was Thursday.  To top it off hubby got home late Wednesday and we had planned a cross border shopping trip for the weekend.  So, right after work I got into the F 350 and off we headed.

There was not a lot of things that we had planned to pick up so it turned out to be a relaxing weekend and I slept a lot.  I would like to say my lungs feel better, they do, but still not back to normal.

This evening while hubby and kiddo went to do some archery I got all the house chores caught up and even had a little time to work on another portion of the Row by Row I am currently working on:

This is the Saskatchewan Summer portion of the row from Sowen Quilt Shop.  

Now to do a bit of knitting before bed.

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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