Saturday, 15 April 2017

A Big Day of Not Really Anything

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I would like to tell you I accomplished something absolutely AMAZING and over the top today, but alas, I did not.

I slept late.  I played around on the computer for a bit after breakfast.

After lunch I knit a bit but nothing worthwhile to show you.

Then I got the brilliant idea I should cut the Shih tzu's hair.  So, I did and it took almost three hours.  Is it done well???  Easy answer: NO.  I figure since everyone today is an expert in something due to You Tube that I can be an expert at trimming the dog.  My son did point out though that I did not watch a You Tube video on cutting a dog's hair I just do it.  That being said, I think I did better this time compared to last year ☺  

Dog does not like this - I think he knows the other dogs will taunt him ☺

Then I did decide that I should bake some Ukrainian Babka since both Easter celebrations coincide this year. It will be a little odd seeing Babka and the Lindt Gold Bunny on the same table.  Of course there were no raisins in the hous because I personally hate the little things with the exception of in Babka.  I found a bag of trail mix and had my son raid that for 1 cup of raisins.  

I added extra Turmeric so that it would be a really pretty yellow!  So Yummy!

This evening I spent some time working on a Ukrainian Cross Stitch Towel:

It's coming along nicely and I hope to be able to start on another of these projects I have been contemplating now for awhile.

I hope you as well had a wonderful day and as always

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. HAHAHA! I remember cutting our shih tzu's hair too......looked very similar! The Babka looks yummy! Tea towel looks great!!!! Happy Easter!

  2. That's AWESOME Jane!!! So, I'm not the only person that does this!!!!! Between the two of us we should be able to consider ourselves experts!! ☺