Friday, 14 April 2017

Good Friday...

Good Late Evening Everyone.

Today was a very relaxing day for my son and I.

First off we slept late.

We had pancakes with berries for breakfast:


After lunch and finding out that the microwave exploded - seriously - made a loud spark - some bright flash and now it sits there hanging above the stove looking sad.......I'm sad though too - we headed out in the snow to the Lindt Factory!  I LOVE that place and there always seems to be a really good sale on!

Helping out the Easter Bunny this year as not sure what kind of financial situation he is in with the current economy ☺

This evening I spent time sewing another Knitting Project Bag and writting a pattern for it as well for my friend Sharon of 4Paws Quilting.  Sharon will be participating in the Claresholm Fibre Arts and Quilt Fair in May and will be kitting up some of these bags to take along:

Another day I will post some of the how to's for this project in case there are questions about how I create this bag ☺

"Sew" that was my relaxing Good Friday and I hope everyone had one as well.

Hope this inspires your onw creativity...


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