Sunday, 30 April 2017

I Lost....

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Wednesday morning I woke up with a head cold.  As the day progressed it got worse, but of course I practice some sort of medicine every day so take the Vitamin C and the pain relievers and get some chicken soup and I will be fine......NOT!!!

 By Saturday morning it was a full fledged something so I decided to take a sick day and try and sleep and medicate it.......I LOST!!!  Today with a fever and chest full of mucous and cough that seals at the zoo only wish they could attain I had to see a Doctor.  Seriously.  Now I am on antibiotics and of course 2 doses in I want to think I am better but really it has taken me most of the day to get to this point.....

Recently I wrote a pattern for a Knitting Sack.  I consider myself a fairly new quilter only having quilted now for about 15 years but I have always sewed.  My grandmother taught me with her treadle sewing machine and of course she never used a pattern.  Even for my jeans as a child because I was extra skinny thanks to my Juvenile Diabetes.  

Thanks to this kind of upbringing I do not do well with patterns.  I rarely follow them properly and usually decide how to make something.  This is the case with the Knitting Sack.  I have a few of them that either came with yarn or from Local Yarn Shops but none of them were what I EXACTLY wanted.  "Sew" I came up with my own.

Writing the pattern was not easy, and so in an attempt to clarify how I made the bag the following brief descriptions and pictures will hopefully fix that.  I have not included measurements for this as the pattern is now copyrighted......I am only showing the steps. ☺

Cuff, Lining and Main Fabric Cut.

All three sections sewn together (lining is upside down compared to the rest so that kitty's are not upside down for the bag lining) 

Pocket Pieces.  Place Right sides together and sew around outer edges leaving a space for turning.

One corner stitch at an angle to make turning easier.  

Corners are cut using my favourite Kai scissors.  You will also see my version of the Purple Thingy that everyone uses.......

In the pattern there will be instructions for where to sew and draw lines.  

The horizontal lines in this picture are for pocket folds.  The vertical line in this picture is if you want to have one larger front pocket with 2 hidden pockets behind. ☺

However many pocket compartments you choose to have you will place the pocket on the lining following the measurements from the pattern.

Pocket placement for 4 equal sized compartments option.  Vertical line will be sewn through all 5 layers (2 front pocket, 2 back pocket, 1 lining layer) for the 4 compartment option.  Choose either the step above or this one NOT BOTH!

Top Stitch the pocket edge to the lining (this will close up the open turning point on the pocket)

This is my option with the one larger compartment in the front.

Two hidden pockets behind.  

Stay stitch a couple of stitches in each corner to keep flap in downward position (so you don't lose your little treasures)

Mark on one side of all three sequence pieces the draw string opening.  Made sure you do not sew this area closed when you lay the other piece right sides together to close the bag.

Leave an opening in the lining as well for turning the bag.

Inside of bag (1 larger compartment with 2 hidden compartments (or could be 4 compartments if I had sewed through top layer of pocket).

4 full skeins of wool fit inside.  Knitting needles position in center so that draw string secures them.  


All done - I love the cat buttons that comes with this kit ☺

These of course will be making their debut at the Claresholm Fibre Arts & Quilt Fair this coming weekend ☺

Hope this answers all your questions and inspires your own creativity....


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