Monday, 1 May 2017

Blocking Kathy

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Okay, there is actually a back story to my title tonight that is currently giving me a good laugh.  For the purpose of this blog entry though I am talking about blocking with regards to knitting. ☺

Today I managed to muster up enough energy to block my new cowl scarf of which I have written the pattern and will have at the Claresholm Fibre Arts & Quilt Fair this weekend.

People buy all kinds of things to block their knitted items......I tend to be Saskatchewan Ukrainian Cheap or as my new knitting friend from Vancouver Island calls is - Practical ☺

I find the biggest and oldest beach towels (the ones I used when training to be a life guard) as these are the ones that have no more possible colour run or ability to leak colour on to anything.

I spread these out on top of my really big deep freeze and lay the knit item out and stretch it to shape after a quick rinse with SOAK: 
Here I measured the width of my scarf and folded the towel back on itself on a fold so that it would also help keep the size of the cowl consistent.

Then I used these Wonder Clips I picked up at a local quilt shop for this purpose☺

After pinning the remaining towel is folded over the cowl until the towel is equally around the cowl and I roll it  up very carefully making sure the towel loose end is on the bottom....the weight of the towel will keep the towel from unwinding.  In about 2 days it will be all dried and ready to wear ☺

Except for the button I need to sew on!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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