Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Quick Pause

Good Afternoon Internet Friends!

Have not been blogging or posting regularly with the Living In Fast Forward that I have been doing lately ☺

On Friday after two appointments for myself and my son's yearly pediatrician check up I took a bit of time before picking him up from school to stop by my local quilt shop.  

As always the visit was wonderful and I found a few new things that I just "HAD" to have.

First off the Rotary Cutter with a Quick Change Blade.  Plus, I loved the fun colours this came in ☺


This pack of rulers.  You likely know I make a lot of half square triangles in my quilting adventures and these rulers are perfect for marking the sewing lines rather than the large grid rulers!  

I was "sew" excited about these that I had to actually use them (and the cutter) when I got home:

The rulers worked awesome and I found out that they have a bit of flexibility in their make up so re-positioning is super easy ☺

With my fabulous new Kathy's favourites I made:

Another of my Flock of Geese Blocks!

Now it's time to get dinner prepped for the oven for the family and get myself off to work.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and 

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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