Monday, 22 May 2017

It's Over.......

Good Evening Internet Friends!

The long awaited Victoria Day Weekend is over.  I would like to say that I accomplished great things, but alas, that is not so nor "sew".

Saturday my son and I went to Telus World of Science.  My son a couple of years ago when caught not paying attention in Math class was asked by his then teacher how he expected to become an astro-space engineer.  He replied that if he it did not work out for him he could always fall back on being Prime Minister.  On Saturday the current Prime Minister was in attendance at Telus World of Science so my son wanted to meet him.  He was fortunate enough to shake hands twice and have a brief conversation.  That made my son's day. ☺

Saturday afternoon I cleaned up all the rogue branches and weeds and just anything I was displeased with in my front yard.

Sunday, I cleaned out my neighbours flower bed.  Seriously.....I did!

Today was just boring get ready to go back to work and school for the week.

After dinner I took out my current sock knitting in my newest Tula Pink Creation and did a bit of knitting......I have made it to the heel finally ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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