Wednesday, 24 May 2017

What's up Wednesday???

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I have put in my two days of work now for part of this week.  Will be off Thursday and Friday as I am working the upcoming weekend.  Second last batch of these shifts that my rotation mandates.  After July I will only be working the weekend shifts if I choose too, which of course will be phenomenal to not have to coordinate child care ☺

Two and a bit weeks ago I decided to dig deep into my Yarn Stash and participate in the Joji Mystery Wrap Knit Along.  So far I have managed to complete part of the first half of Clue 1!!!  What I find amazing is that there are actually people out there who have both parts of Clues 1  & 2 all done!!!  Here is my progress:

The first of two almost completed ☺

Over the weekend I planted my Martha Washington Geranium's.  I was worried that something might happen to them during the wind storm today but arriving home I saw:

They made out just fine!  ☺☺☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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