Friday, 29 December 2017

Home for the Holidays

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I can honestly say that we were indeed home for the holidays.

The temperature and the wind has been dropping every day.  Everyday it is COLDER than the day before.

We have gone out only when it was absolutely essential and other than that we stayed inside.  Even the Lab Dog only goes out briefly to do his business and returns inside.

This evening I decided was a Knit Nite as the temperature outside is frightful.  Remember this is measured in Celsius but the good thing is that it is so cold that Celsius and Fahrenheit are almost equal at this point.

Over the past few days there have been some amazing yarns offered up as part of Boxing Day Sales.  After looking at so many of them I realized that I have a whole plethora of yarn already downstairs in my craft room that I should make into something before I purchase more yarn.

While looking through my fabulous (yes it really is) yarn collection I found this shawl project that I am not exactly sure when I started and or what row I am even on.  Some counting and pattern analysis got me sorted out.  I have started a tracking sheet and anchored it to the pattern.  This project will most definitely need to be blocked but the pattern is sort of starting to show (trust me on this):

Now off to get another warm tea as even with central natural gas furnace the house still feels a little chill I think.❄❅❆⛄😰😰😰

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. That is some serious cold! I think the whole country is in deep-freeze. Here in Nova Scotia, it is mighty cold too but not quite as cold as you.