Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween Placemats

While playing in my stash the other day (fabric - not cookie) I found this fabric.  Almost every fall I participate in an event called the Northern Alberta Quilt Shop Hop.  One of the stores on this journey is the Chicken Coop in the metropolis of Mundare, Alberta.  Wikipedia quotes this town(?) as having a population of 712, but I think that was on a school day and the teachers from other towns were counted too...  The Chicken Coop is an awesome quilt shop.  As part of the Shop Hop the owner Val packages up fat quarters into neat little plastic bags for a very reasonable price, and she also does up packages with 2 one meter cuts of coordinating fabric.  When I found the package with the 8 Halloween fat quarters in it and the 2 one meter sections of Halloween fabric I decided now was the time to make place mats.  I have a pattern that calls for 8 fat quarters squared up and stacked on top of each other.  A template is then placed on the top and all eight layers are cut at once.  The first cut from the pile stays as is, the second cut the first fabric goes to the bottom of the pile, the third cut, two fabrics go to the bottom of the pile, and so on until every place mat will have 8 different fabrics making up the top.  After these were assembled I used the ghost fabric to back the place mats, quilted them, and used the spider web fabric to bind them.  A fairly quick and easy project and looks awesome on the table!  Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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