Saturday, 31 January 2015

Best Day Ever Saturday!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I have not really done much of anything today.  I could have worked overtime, but instead I chose to take the weekend off. ☺

I slept in which was great.  Watched a couple of kid movies with my son.  Had lunch and then headed out with the only intention of going to the book store to get a book, a quilt magazine and a cross stitch magazine.  As of now, I have successfully located the Pure Prairie Eating Plan a book which has been published from some of the work that I was privy to with the PANDA Research Project.

As for the quilt magazine and the cross stitch magazine; three book stores later and some driving around the greater Edmonton area, I still do not have them.  I am beginning to think that a monthly subscription might just be the way to go...

As for my quilting today; I started work on another quilting project that I decided I would do.  A quick look in my "stash (fabric not cookie) revealed that I had all the fabric necessary for the quilt, so it seemed to be a good idea.  This quilt is still by the same author as the mystery quilts I get so frustrated with, the exception being that this time she has posted the picture of the completed quilt, so that should cut down on the "Surprise" you are short two blocks from six steps!  ☺

Here is the first part that I completed today:
Now, off to see what trouble I can get into this evening....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. Nice to take time off sometimes and just relax. I love my monthly subscription, I look forward to checking the mail box each day to see if it has arrived, then its on with the kettle for a cuppa and a read on the back deck. Enjoy your week

  2. I am seriously thinking this IS the way to go Dawn. Hardly ever get mail anymore, so something other than a bill not posted to my email would be nice to receive in the post. ☺