Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Return from the time out???

Good Evening Internet Friends!

After a day off, and some time to contemplate life or things, I have decided to persevere on with my poorly written, miscounted mystery quilt!  I really did need a time out from it ☺ 

Here is what I managed to do this evening:
All 63(?) 47 (?) or 741(?) whatever the number is set of the centers for these blocks completed.  Now to finish the top and bottom row that surrounds these!  Patience.....

Hope this inspires your own creativity...



  1. The blocks look great! Good for you for persevering!

    1. This is as far as I got before the next step was posted. Guess what? Huge error on it too, have to make another one of the complete center blocks cause the math was off!!! grrrr. Quilting by the seat of the pants!