Saturday, 17 January 2015

It's Saturday!

Good Evening World!

Okay, it's Saturday and I finally have a day off!!!  Yay me!

It was supposed to be a more productive day as my intent was to have tomorrow to just do what I wanted, but my brother called that he would be coming back into the Edmonton area, and could I pick him up because he has spent so many days in the truck working????  So many so, that one might question his sanity.....
He has a plush Tuxedo Cat sitting on the dashboard!  This is super funny because my brother is not really in favor of cats and I "borrowed" him this one a while ago as a joke since I always seem to have a Tuxedo cat.  I told him today he could keep the cat since it seems to have made a home there with him ☺

Off we went to Costco for groceries and lunch and by that time he was called to head back to Grande Prairie before heading out to Fort Mac

Then it was time for a quick fish dinner before heading off to see The Imitation Game.  I am  fascinated by the history of World War II.  It has been a life long learning for me and I love anything in the media about it, and watching to see how accurately the events unfold!  

When we got home, I worked on Week 2 of my A Needle Pulling Thread block of the week:
Now, there are two!  All caught up ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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