Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quilt Shop Day!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was as many of you will know Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day.  ☺

Should have been fantastic, top drawer kind of day, but unfortunately today has turned out to be one of those days I should have just stayed in bed (seriously).  A pity party day for me.  

First off, I worked a 16 hour day yesterday.  No biggie I have done that before.  But, everyone who came through had some form of cough, sore throat and fever or all of the above and once in their room/gurney felt there was no need to continue to wear their mask despite my reminding them.

So, I woke up very early this morning with my head feeling like it was full of wool (literally), sore throat and ear aches.  I had been battling bravely against these symptoms for a few days prior, but it appears I LOST!

Since I was off to the W*#$%&t (I dislike that place) to get a new Swiffer, since I wrecked mine (it was 10+ years old anyway) and no other store seemed to have any I decided I would get some cold medication as well.  While going through the check out the most unhelpful cashier would not pass my case of soda pop and while trying to lift it over the counter I broke the case (no refund on damaged goods I was told, and or an offer of a replacement case) and got a blood blister on my finger (no offer of a bandage either).  

Tally:  Head cold, blood blister, 2 broken leaking cans of soda, 22 cans with various dents.

Then off to the quilt store to hopefully make myself feel better.  Only able to make it to one store though as really feeling ill again by that time as medication wearing off.

Got a few things, only after getting into an argument with the fabric cutter that yards and meters are not the same, and that fabric here is sold by meter.

Re-cap:  Head cold, blood blister, 2 broken cans of soda, 22 cans with various dents, and not the amounts of fabric I wanted (had to up-size)!  

Here is what I did purchase before heading home to take more medication and a nap:
Some pretty cute things I think!

Will post more about these as I do them, but for now I am still feeling ill and the cold medication only seems to work for about a one hour window, an hour after you take it : (

Hope your day was better than mine!


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