Saturday, 27 June 2015

Block 18 ☺

Good Evening Internet Friends!

Today was a "Do Nothing" kind of day around our house.  Not sure exactly why, but I really did not get much of anything accomplished.

Yesterday afternoon my son and I ventured out on a sort of Road Trip.  We went to Lori's Country Cottage because I decided that I needed to participate in the Alberta Row by Row Experience.  I picked up my kit there and then decided it was time to check out the Fort Saskatchewan Sheep:

As usual, they were so cute!!!  ☺

Then we headed on to the Woodland's Water Park because it was a super hot day:

My son had lots of fun running through the sprinklers then drying off playing in the park.  We stopped at the Local Quilt Shop in St. Albert as they are also participating in the Alberta Row by Row Experience.  As usual this place was disappointing again......

Last stop of the day was the library to register in the summer reading program and get a few books to read out at the farm and where ever our travels take us in the next few days.  The piano was out and so of course my son stopped to play for a bit:

As for today, I managed to sew Block 17 of my Churn Dash Challenge:

For dinner, I made a pizza with all the left over cheese, mushrooms and green peppers in the refrigerator:

I think I will do some knitting for the rest of this evening and think about what I can get into tomorrow☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Are you disappointed in the shop or their row by row? Lol. I've been to their new place once, feeling excited and hoping it wasn't so jam packed....well, it's still crowded!