Thursday, 11 June 2015

Catch You on the Flip Side Winnie

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This has been a very long week, and not a good one.

On Sunday evening as I was leaving the farm I took this picture:
The pond looked so peaceful.  While talking with my husband in Halifax visiting his ill mother I asked him to give her a hug from me before it was too late and tell her I will "catch her on the flip side".  I cannot come to terms with saying good bye.

My son and I headed home and that is where this week started to fall apart.  We arrived home to find that a door lock to the house had seized up!  Nothing I could do would get the door open.  Husband away I called my brother to find out he was on some three day slow moving heavy equipment job.  Had to call a lock company and the cost of that was ATROCIOUS!!! 

Upon trying to pay for this service I found out that my bank card had been compromised which came with it's own set of problems.

Then I got the text message from my husband that his mother had passed away at 0251 hours.  

I have spent most of this week trying to figure out how exactly to process this news.  The distance of course makes it not only difficult to coordinate work and school testing schedules at this time of year, but also the cost.  

This morning she was laid to rest.  My only request for her since I am not family was that she take the quilt I made for her, with her.  My husband was considerate enough of this request to take it to the funeral home yesterday after the staff and his sister in laws had packaged it up with her stuff to be sorted out by family.  He called me after she had been planted today and for some reason it became real that I will never see her again, until I catch her on the flip side.

I know that this has not "sunk in" yet as I have not cried, but I keep listening to :


because they give me a sense of peace.

On top of all of these events this week, yesterday was June 10th which is my official Pity Party Day.  It's the day that many, decades ago I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes!  

I have not been crafty at all this week.  A bit of knitting here and there, but nothing accomplished.  This evening was the first time that I went my craft room.  I did assemble one Churn Dash Block for the Churn Dash Challenge:

Hope this inspires your own creativity...

Sleep peacefully Winnie.



  1. Oh Kathy.....not sure why but I have always found a person never gets to deal with one 'thing' at a time. I'm sending you a big hug from Southern Alberta and know that things will return to normal one day...and don't forget to let yourself grieve.