Sunday, 21 June 2015

It's Father's Day!

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I know it is Father's Day but it didn't really feel like one.  Hubby is away at work, and we were unable to celebrate the festivities before he left as we only saw him for a few hours when he got home from work before he left to be with his mom and again a few hours when he flew home to collect his stuff to fly back to work!  Whew....

Today my son and I decided we would have a stay at home day.  My brother phoned this afternoon that he was back in the area to load up again and head back to the natural gas fields.  We took him to the mall to get some stuff for himself and then he took us for ice cream!

After dinner my son and I went to the park:

As far as crafting today, I did a little bit of a lot of nothing.  Seriously, I knit a few rows on several different projects, not enough to put any on the blog, and started a sewing project that hopefully I can get together this week....

Here are three cards though that would be appropriate for today.  I made these at Coffee Talk last month.  This is an event that my friend Karina hosts every month.  The instructions for these cards will be on her blog:

TAH DAH!  Seriously, that is about as creative as I got today, other than trying to help my son glue found parts of a Sand Dollar together for a presentation this week!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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