Sunday, 25 October 2015


Good Evening Internet Friends.

I had a very productive day today.  Got lots of house cleaning done, laundry, bedding including quilts washed, cooking and baking done so ready for a great week.  I was thinking that this seemed a little over the top for just a Sunday but oh well.

One of the things I baked today was Cranberry Banana Muffins:

This afternoon we took puppy out for a walk:

Had plans on going to bed right after I tucked my son into bed, however, the hospital called to let me know that my Grammy is not doing well.  She has had two infections since she left hospital here in Alberta that they have not been able to resolve.  She has also been letting the staff know with conviction that she does not want to live anymore. : (

She is a "tough old bird", yet I know that she always said that if she ended up like her mother who also had a stroke in her 90's that she did not want to live like that.  I know I am being selfish but I still need my Grammy so I have given the permission to do everything at this time.  Now of course I cannot sleep because I know that 0200 hours is coming and as a Registered Nurse I know what that can mean : (

My Grammy comes from a very long line of very devout spiritual people and so I sit here right now listening to a couple of her favorite hymns:

It seems so fitting for her at this time, yet I do not want her to go yet.  

Good night....


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