Friday, 2 October 2015

Night 2 of Puppy....

Good Late Evening Internet Friends.

Well we are into our second night of a puppy in the house!  We survived last night with only one wake up call at 0320 for water and a trip outside to pee.

Today we practiced spending time in the kennel.  My friend Sharon who helps out with rescue dogs borrowed us one of her kennels.  It is big enough that my son can crawl into it and think it's a great hideout.  When I put puppy in today it looked so big and lonely that I popped in the Shih Tzu with him.  The Shih Tzu did not think this was fun, especially when puppy would while.  Eventually the Shih Tzu could not deal with it any more and would bark at puppy and then puppy would lay down and look sad like he got scolded for a while.  We will practice a little tomorrow and Sunday as Monday I go back to work.

I had lunch with my dear friend Brandy today at you guessed it; Duchess Bake Shop.  Fantastic food and visit as usual.

After my son and puppy went to bed I went down to my craft room that I have not been in now for a while.  I decided I would take out my August Paper Pumpkin kit.  

Here is what I made:

Three cute little Birthday Cards!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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