Thursday, 29 October 2015

Trick or Treat????

Good Late Evening Internet Friends!

Okay, here is my rant for the day/week/month... not sure how big this is going to get (plus I am a wee bit tired).

Tomorrow is my son's Halloween Party at school.  Firstly, this is the first time since he entered Junior Kindergarten at age three that the Halloween Party has been held during school hours (I am used to those hours being used for learning.......hmmmmm).

Secondly,  I get a memo from the teacher today letting me know that only one parent has been nice enough to offer to supply a "healthy" snack for the party.  

My son loves to bake and cook in the kitchen with mommy and as such we have supplied his classmates over the years with muffins, and bars, and cookies and all kinds of treats.  I did have to learn about the gelatin issue, but other than that his offerings were always appreciated by his classmates and teachers and gave him a sense of pride in his culinary skills.

Fast forward to this year where the teacher informed us that no food can be brought into the class that contains (are you ready for this????)
*tree nuts

Now, I am supposed to send a healthy snack with my child on the bus in the morning five hours before the party and what am I to send????  An apple and a celery stick for each child????

Seriously, Halloween, while not being a holiday but more of an occasion/event just got a whole lot harder to plan for.  

My intent was to supply nothing since I have no ideas what to send, but my son was quite upset that his classmates would not get something from his awesome kitchen.  So this is what I came up with:
It's popcorn, candy corn, Halloween sprinkles, and Bernard Callebaut chocolate (yes, it is milk chocolate).  The best  I can come up with for now.  Hopefully no one has to use their EpiPen cause of this ☺

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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