Friday, 3 June 2016

A Slow Crafting Week

Good Evening Internet Friends!

This has been a rather slow crafting week for me as I have had so much to do.  

Monday was a waste of a day getting back to real world hours.

Tuesday was more fun.  I went for lunch with a friend to the Soup Sisters Eatery close to her work.  On the way back I stopped at Local Meats for some ground beef.  I also stopped at Real Deal Meats to pick up Beef and Bison smokies for the weekend and bones for the dog!

Then it was on to Quilter's Dream.  I had not been there in a really long time, so I stopped to see what treasures they had:

Just could not leave these behind!!!

Arriving home my shipment from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop had arrived.  I do online shop from Sew Sisters because not only are they a Canadian small business, but the postage rates are reasonable (sometimes free shipping), and the prices are competitive (cheaper than some of the home based fabric businesses), and lastly since they are a a small business my order arrives sans cat hair and smelling like three day old dinner!

At lunch time today I decided to take some time to myself and go for a walk in Borden Park:
It's always so pretty here.

Part way through the park I came upon this vista:

I loved it for the symbolism; which path to take.  

Right now I am trying to remember to take time for myself rather than just always doing and helping others.  So this evening after dinner and walking the dog the only thing I did was bake cookies because that seemed like a fun thing to do!

Yummy!  Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies!

Tomorrow will be a long and hectic day so for tonight I eat the cookie and enjoy!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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