Sunday, 12 June 2016

I CAN do Anything.....Possibly...

Good Evening Internet Friends!

I cannot believe the weekend is over already.  It rained most of the weekend so I did not get a lot accomplished.

I found these in my garden pots this morning and my son ate them with his morning oatmeal:

The sun came out for about an hour this afternoon so we went out and cleaned and vacuumed  the Highlander and the Focus.  Then it started to rain again.

Arriving back in the house I decided that the dog needed a hair cut.  My son decided to call me Hairy Potter and we set about trimming the dogs hair.  The electric shears got caught several times in the curls so I gave up and got out a pair of scissors from the junk drawer...seriously.  Well, one hour and one grocery store shopping bag full of dog hair we have:

Now, I know what you are thinking; that's terrible!  It looks like the person who cut this dogs hair has no training in dog grooming, has not read a book or watched a video or anything!!!  To that I will say, " you are correct".  I have no qualifications to cut dog hair at all, but have appointed myself as my own go to expert!  So far dog seems okay with it.....and he can see better now ☺

After dinner and getting kiddo to bed I went to my craft room and made block # 4 of my Star Block Challenge hosted by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop:

Now to get myself off to bed too!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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