Saturday, 9 July 2016

Happy Birthday!

Good Very Late Evening Internet Friends!

Today was my son's twelfth Birthday!  I cannot believe it!!!!!

Summer birthday's are always hard (I know it personally) so usually I try to have his party the weekend before school is out so that he can have some of his friends attend.  This year however the weekend before school was out was my weekend to work nights.  DRAT.

Not really having any plans for this week also added to the dilemma of what to do.  On Monday I got the bright idea that if we sent out a mass email and some text messages we could see how many of his friends could come and see The Secret Life of Pets movie with him today.

Two of his friends one from his previous school and one from his current school were able to attend which was a nice change from the usual plethora kids I am used to in years past.

Since this was a "Pet" themed birthday my son decided that he wanted a cake that looked like the pink stray cat from the movie.  Well, this is my rendition of it: 

My son thought it was awesome!

For his treat bags he wanted things that looked like they were for pets and he wanted to put them in the bags used for the doggie when we take a walk.  While walking the dog in the River Valley the other evening we stumbled across the perfect bags:

The bags contain dog tennis balls, macaroons (cause they kind of look like you know), blue whales because we could not find fish.  We put the candy into tiny containers that kind of look like mini pet bows, two bone shaped cookies and whistle blower things!

For my friend Sharon and her husband who attended with us:

A jumbo bag of cookies!!!

After the party we met up again with my friend and her husband and went for dinner at Delux Burger.  My son LOVES this place as kids get a serving of cotton candy with their order!

It was a wonderful day and on the way home my son told me it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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