Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Do Nothing Day

Good Evening Internet Friends.

Yesterday afternoon I loaded up the car of kid and dogs and headed out to the farm for a few sleeps away from the city.

Arriving here I discovered the big propane tank was empty.  Since hubby is away at work that meant I had to figure out how to switch over from the large tank to the normal sized tanks.   Thankfully my years of PICU nursing came in handy with figuring out flow valves.   No explosions.  No leaks.  We're cooking and showering with warm water now thanks to gas.  YAY.

Today our plan was to go no where and do nothing if we did not want to.

The garden was not too full of  weeds on arrival last night so I spent a couple of hours this afternoon and thoroughly weeded it including figuring out how to use the gas mower to trim the grass around the garden.

Then my son and I decided to go Saskatoon berry picking.  We got about 6 cups of berries bur there are lots more yet to ripen so we will be raiding the bushes again:

After dinner I finished my June subscription of Yarn Crush.   I have not been keen on the past three months of this subscription but this month's one was at least quick to do and I knew I would feel better if I simply finished it.  So:

It's a knitted fruit bag.  I will take it to the Ponoka Farmer's Market tomorrow and see how many strange looks I can get!

Hope this inspires your own creativity...


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  1. Garden looks great! Yahoo on figuring out the propane bottles and I'm sure you won't get many stares in Ponoka! ;)